Jake Revolver: Freelance Secret Agent

Show Dates

May 6th - May 9th

In this radio noir play, private detective Jake Revolver fights against  conspiracy, double cross and self-reference to uncover the killer of his  own narrator. Meant to be performed as the premiere episode of a  nineteen-forties live radio broadcast, complete with foley artistry and  on-stage stand-up microphones, Jake Revolver, Freelance Secret Agent is a  parody packed with puns, play on words, oodles of self-referential  absurdity (and Beatles references?) In the tradition of Firesign  Theater, Jake Revolver, Freelance Secret Agent combines slapstick,  screwball humor, commercial spoofs and a murder mystery for a stylish  and ridiculous tour de force comedy.


Pete Laskie


Danna Schuster and Margaret Britton


Jake Revolver: Joe Ouradnik, Narrator: Bob Hill, Angel/Lt. Ann Danderson: Angela Riedeman, Emmy Award: Tracie Ritz, Radio Announcer: Denny Callahan, Windy/Raymond Rattle/Mr. Cray: Jeff Neary, Dashiell Roll: Ken Niehus, Trudy: Jennifer Scholten, Wallace: Eddie McKee, Sound Effects: Curt Sitzmann