Laughter on the 23rd Floor

Show Dates

April 4-10th

Playwright Neil Simon got his first big break in the early '50s as a  staff writer on Sid Caesar's fabled television series Your Show of  Shows, and this comedy takes a fictionalized look at the backstage chaos  that went into producing one of the landmarks of television's golden  age.

Max Prince is the star of The Max Prince Show, a popular  comedy-variety series that is a major hit on the East Coast, but network  executive insists that it's too sophisticated for the Midwest, and  urges Prince to dumb down his act. Between the tensions of producing an  hour of top-quality comedy each week and being pestered about his  ratings, Prince is beginning to unravel. His last line of defense  against both the network and the ratings are his writing staff, which  spends its days coming up with business for the show while hurling  humorous invective at each other and anyone else within earshot.

Keeping up a running commentary on the writing, fighting and wacky antics is Simon's alter-ego Lucas Brickman.


Jeff Neary


Joe Ouradnik


Bob Hill, Renae Buss, Ryan Odor, Beth Odor, Jesse Olson, Hilma Person, Jamie Hauser, Aaron Hauser and George New