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The Adventures of Rose Red

Show Dates

Friday, June 16th at 7pm (FREE)
Sat, June 17th at 4pm (FREE)

Rose Red has just turned thirteen, and the pressure is on -- what will  she do to get famous like her sister, Snow White? Everyone in the  kingdom, from her parents to her close friend Miss Muffet, is pressuring  her to get discovered. But Rose Red doesn't want to constantly be on  the front page of the Grimm Times, even if Bo Peep, Cinderella,  and Goldilocks eat up the attention. In her struggle to choose between  doing what everyone else wants and forging her own path, Rose Red can't  help wondering if a girl who wants to be "just normal" can live happily  ever after.


Tina Laskie and Melanie Sailor



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