Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play

Show Dates

Thursday, Sept 9 thru Saturday, Sept 11 @ 7:30p
Sunday Matinee, Sept 12 @ 2:00p

Spies,  murder, love, and other trademarks of Alfred Hitchcock come to life in  the style of a 1940s radio broadcast of the master of suspense's earlier  films. With The Lodger, Sabotage and The 39 Steps, Vintage Hitchcock: A  Live Radio Play is a triple feature, complete with vintage commercials,  that recreates a daring train chase, a serial killer's ominous  presence, and a devastating explosion through the magic of live sound  effects and musical underscoring.


Jennifer Scholten


Tracie Ritz


Julie  Albert, Trinity Brunsting, Dan Delperdang, Katie Frerichs, Alison  Hanson, Bob Hill, Hope Johnson, Carl Johnson, Pete Laskie, Katrina  Midland, Candice Nash and George New