The Music Man

Show Dates

Summer 2022

There’s trouble in River City!  When smooth-talking con man Harold Hill  arrives in a small, tight-knit town in Iowa, he expects to dupe its  residents with his elaborate moneymaking scheme:  Despite his complete  lack of musical literacy, he will convince everyone that he is a  brilliant bandleader and recruit all the boys in town to form a band,  pocketing the cash for  instruments and uniforms.  The problem?  Some of  the town members, especially the stern librarian, Marian Paroo, don’t  quite buy Harold’s story.  As Harold struggles to keep his scheme  afloat, he also finds himself increasingly attached to the townspeople,  who have all experienced a positive change since Harold came to town.   Complicating matters even more, Harold is also falling head-over-heels  for the beautiful Marian.  As All-American as apple pie and as charming  as can be, The Music Man is a crowd-pleasing show with a great  number and range of roles that is well-suited to professional,  community, and school productions alike.


Jennifer Scholten